Gracious Glow Experience

The Gracious Glow Experience is about learning to take a moment for yourself to do something special. To rest, reset and recharge while getting beautified on a cellular level. 

But what does this actually mean? 

The cellular rejuvenation process begins  the moment you relax on the massage table as  a combination of salt therapy and aromatherapy fill the air reminding you what it means to relax.

During the facial treatment, we stimulate the entire body with far infrared rays, negative ion therapy and superconducting properties of pure amethyst and vibrational acoustics as we use our professional-grade medical device.

We also stimulate deep cellular rejuvenation with a class 1 medical device FDA approved and powered by the strongest LED light technology on the market.  LED therapy is well documented for its many rejuvenation processes on a cellular level, and our LED power created by Ward Photonics absorbs into the skin 10 CM deep, supercharging ATP recovery for deep cellular energy produced by mitochondria. The same LED power helps  increase nitric oxide levels, playing a powerful role in blood vessel dilation and promoting many other cellular benefits. 

During any of the Medispa, Spectra, FotoFacial or other facial treatments, you will relax while your body is immersed in infrared rays which produce a powerful molecular regenerating effect.

The deeply soothing experience helps the body recover from muscle pain while reducing fatigue and supporting the immune system during your beautification services.