The MediSpa is an all-in-one eight-step facial system that can be done at one time or combined with non-ablative laser modalities. 


  • Includes Kiwi Biocellulose Masque (value $25.00)
  • First appointment includes a TACC Collagen Peptide Mist (value $49.95)


  • Includes $300 worth of Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals (on your sixth treatment of the series).


A manufacturing company for cutting-edge laser technology which designs, sources and assembles all units in the United States has contracted Tiffany Andersen to create Clean Cosmeceuticals™ exclusively for Medispa a platform that utilizes SEVEN treatments for Elite Estheticians.  

The Ultimate Esthetician's Platform

A True Facial Cleanse™ delivers immediately noticeable facial rejuvenation results in a single setting.

Hot/Cold Wand

A Hot Wand setting  works in conjunction with TACC to stimulate blood flow and allow for better absorption of actives which prepare the epidermis for deep cleansing, extractions and energy modalities.


Using three formulas custom-designed by TACC (oily-acne, dry-aging, and epidermal growth) the AquaPeel gently extracts impurities and exfoliates the skin surface while delivering peptides and other nutrients. Each infusion step is paired with an at-home product to help maintain professional results from home.

Enriched Oxygen Capsule

Enriched Oxygen Capsule scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells while simultaneously producing a CO2-rich foam that kills bacteria. TACC’s ozone oil cleanse combines to further assist in a deep cleansing without the use of harsh and toxic chemicals.


This microcurrent handpiece delivers a low level of electrical energy to contour the skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles. TACC custom designed a new Micro-Firm Conducting Gel to increase the firming action of the electrical energy.


Ultrasound supercharges the skin’s natural regenerative process. The Ultrasound emitter tightens the skin around the chin and neck, transmitting energy under the dermis for long lasting skin rejuvenation. Using TACC  the Ultrasound’s energy infuses firming, hydrating and brightening actives for a visibly plumping effect.

Bi-Polar RF

Bi-Polar Radio Frequency handpieces intensify the treatment by heating the targeted areas up to 45 degrees celsius, energizing collagen and elastin production. TACC’s  rich oxygen ceramide elixir allows for a consistent and evenly distributed Bi-Polar RF energy for instant firming and visibly tighter skin. 

Hot/Cold Wand

The Cold Wand helps close down pores, lock in moisture and increase blood flow to the skin, thereby stimulating an epidermal nutrient boost to the capillaries. The Cold Wand is performed while the TACC Kiwi Biocellulose Masque calms and protects the epidermis as a second skin layer.

 Oxygen Infusion Sprayer

The process ends with an oxygen mist that provides the last custom infusion by TACC  — a rich Collagen Peptide Mist boosted with ozone (O3) for an advanced and more effective oxygen treatment.